Jason Rinn has spent many years in the Mobile App business, and has been focusing on iPhone App Development lately. His most successful app, ArtikPix, has been featured on the iPad in the Education category, and has often been on the Top Grossing list for it’s category as well.

I’m currently employed at Tesla Motors working on their iPhone app and other development work.


4 responses to “About

  1. Robert Meier

    Hi Jason,

    I’m also on Moms With Apps, and was reading your blog post about the sound files. How did m4a files work for you? In my flashcard app I used m4a but found that they took too long to uncompress when playing on the device so HAD to use wav, as wav is not a compressed file format. Actually, I initially used m4a format, but when I developed my xylophone apps (Flower Xylophone and Truck Tap For Boys) the problem was very evident (and so I later changed all app’s audio to wav), in that a bar was touched but the sound lagged behind. I spent about 2 weeks tweaking code before realizing it’s the m4a files. Using wav for the xylophone sounds made the sound play near instantly, so the sound was in tune with the finger taps.


    • Jason Rinn

      Hi Robert,

      Thanks for your comment. I did not have any problems using .m4a in ArtikPix. But I made sure to never play 2 m4a files at the same time, which might be causing your issue. I made sure any sound that could be in the background of another sound was in a wav format. I also have problems if I record sounds while playing an m4a sound.


  2. Hello Jason,
    Can i get a copy of the webpage Tesla used to have for financing? It used to be at this link:

    It would help a lot! I need a .js ROI tool for school.

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